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If you’re just starting out and want to excel, the following tips will accelerate your learning with skills to compete.


Top Ten Motocross Tips

We’ve compiled the top ten motocross speed tips for beginners to help you beat the competition. Motocross is most associated with aggressive racing with ample sprays of dirt. It’s one of the most adrenaline pumping extreme sports. So if you’re just starting out and want to excel, the following tips will accelerate your learning with skills to compete. 

Practice is important in any sport, but it’s even more important in motocross. You could have the most expensive bike, but if you can’t ride it fast, it won’t matter. The only way to enlarge your skillset and go faster is practice. Below are 10 practice tips that you can use on the track.

Start in a slower gear, When you’re riding your bike in a race, don’t shift into a higher gear to quickly. You need to manage your gears with precision (up and downshifting) if you want to minimize the risk of loosing a few minutes, or seconds. Learn to listen and feel the torque; and don’t lose the ability to quickly accelerate when necessary. 


Don’t Get Carried Away With The Throttle, In The Beginning

Don’t get carried away with the throttle, in the beginning, This is a very common issue that a lot of beginner riders make, and you need to avoid it. Even as you get more advanced, throttle control should be one of your top priorities. Plus, over-revving the engine could lead to problems such as stalling or suffering engine damage. Learn to feel the bike as an extension of you. 

Check out the book: Pro Motocross and Off-Road Motorcycle Riding Techniques (Cycle Pro) by Donnie Bales, for more techniques on getting the speed out of your bikes.


Choose The Best Course To Practice On

Practice on a course that has at least one straightaway, several obstacles and includes some jumps. You’ve probably already heard this one, but you must practice this in conjunction with each other.  You must learn to reposition yourself immediately from one skill to the other. Immediate orientation takes practice. Remember, a motocross track can be improved and customized to your needs by adding some obstacles and jumps.

Make sure the course you practice on is similar (if not the same) as the tracks you compete on. It’s always a good idea to practice on the motocross tracks you will be competing on. Get used to the track, and it will be less of a challenge during your races. Learning the ins and outs of the tracks can also get rid of any surprises that can throw off your racing and ruin your chance of winning. You need to learn how to anticipate each section of the course. Since motocross involves a lot of hills, rocks, and roots, it’s best to practice these things before they happen while you are competing, so you can focus on them rather than panic and make a mistake.

Stay consistent every time you practice. For example, always practice in the same direction if it’s a clockwise/counterclockwise track. Then at the race, you’ll be more familiar with the track and won’t have trouble turning around each time you reach the end of the straightaway. If you’ve never been in a race before, there are plenty of tips that can help.  

Work with someone not only familiar with the track but who can critique your skills. The easiest way to improve your skills is to have an experienced watch you and give you advice on techniques that help you improve. Once you have a coach, start by riding with the person, so they can give you pointers for improvement

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Make Sure To Build Strength

Use techniques during your practice to build strength. For example, breathing properly during drifts is important!  When you’re riding motocross, you need to use your body positions differently than when riding a street bike. You use different muscles (muscles used in motocross) and place more stress on different parts of your body. So, it’s essential to use the appropriate technique during our practice to build the mental awareness and strength for success.

Use Visualization Techniques

Visualize yourself doing maneuvers around the track actually attempting them. Have you ever watched a professional motocrosser like Jackson Strong on Crusty Demons of Dirt and wondered what it would be like to maneuver like that? The truth is, you don’t need to be an expert rider to pull off impressive tricks. All you need is a bit of knowledge about how different to handle certain terrains, and visualization, especially, helps. When visualizing your next turn, try imagining moving through the course with your eyes closed. Although you can’t see exactly how fast you’re going and what obstacles may lay ahead, this will help you improve your skills by training yourself and building muscle memory. But be careful!!


Adjust Your Bike According To Your Body Type And Needs

The first part of riding a bike is getting used to the machine. Even if you have ridden something similar in the past, bikes come with its quirks and challenges, like any kind of vehicle. There are many things to get used to, from controls and positioning to the way your legs fit on the bike. Once you feel confident riding a bike, your speed will significantly increase, and you’ll be totally absorbed by the challenges ahead. Remember: Even if you’ve had prior experience on a bike, there is always more you can learn about bikes and their intricacies.

The More You Ride, The Better You Get

Be sure to ride often as you can without overdoing it. Get a few extra hours sleep each night–it helps! What do you need to ride your best? A bike that is in good mechanical condition, tires and suspension, and hopefully a bike that you’re comfortable riding. Being comfortable is affected by many factors: how recently you’ve ridden, how much sleep you’ve had, and maintaining your bike. The more you ride, the better; but be smart!

Finally: Be Safe!  This is the most important of all. You do not want to hurt yourself, regardless of the prize of notoriety. Take more care of your bike and parts, learn traffic control procedures, and find out how to choose a helmet that fits properly. Wear protective clothing to reduce the risk of harm in the case of a collision or crash. Check it out here HOODIE DRIVING/RIDING JERSEY.

Following these tips will help you enter the racing challenge and excel! Have fun and be sure to visit GOWFO.COM!! 



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