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5 Ways to Learn How to Kiteboard In NYC

Kitesurfing in NYC? Here’s all you need to know about everyone’s favorite wind/water sport in NYC! From where to learn to where to go to kiteboard, we’ve got you covered.

Kite Surfing

Yes, you read that right—you can learn Kitesurfing (aka Kiteboard) in NYC, of all places! Most people don’t think of outdoor sports when thinking of the City That Never Sleeps, much less  water sports. Nevertheless, there are several areas and even kiteboarding schools where you take advanced or never-tried-it-before beginner lessons. 

Kitesurfing or Kiteboarding?

Well, we are talking about both, really. Kitesurfing and kiteboarding is the same thing and are used interchangeably. The only difference is that Kiteboarding is used more often in the USA, Canada, France and Czech Republic, while the term Kitesurfing is more popular in Europe and Brazil. So, you can feel free to call it whichever term you like. 

Kiteboarding is an interesting sport, as it consists of so many different components of other sports to create a unique dynamic.  Sports like sailing, windsurfing, snowboarding, paragliding and of course, surfing come together to create a unique way to travel across the water and harness the power of the wind, with not much more than a kite and board. 

How to Get Into Kiteboarding

While technically (particularly if you already are a good surfer) you can learn how to kiteboard yourself, you’ll save yourself a lot of trial and error by learned from a skilled professional.  Not knowing what you are doing out in the water can lead to dangerous circumstances. You’ll be up and running on your own in about 10-15 hours of lessons, which is well worth it. 

Kit Board

Kiteboarding in NYC?

Kiteboarding in and around the NYC area isn’t as easy as other places, like Cape Town or Maui. Why? Because the winds in NY are sporadic and having great conditions a few days in a row is a rarity. While that’s not the end of the world for expensed kitesurfers, when you’re a beginner first starting out it’s critical that you have a few solid days of practicing. There are a few ways to get around this, and many of the kiteboarding schools in the area split your lessons across several days. 

One of the best places to learn Kiteboarding in NYC is at the New York Kite Center, as they teach all levels, surf shops, and flexible surf lessons means you’ll up and kiting in no time.


  •  Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

              Time-frame: March – May and September – November

An infamous sport for kiteborders and windsurfers alike, it’s great for learning how to kite surf as the tide makes it very shallow. Plumb Beach is also quite convenient, with parking right at the beach, great for all skill levels, and open all year round.  

Side-shore winds are the best winds for kiteboarding, as they blow parallel to the beach. Another type of wind to look out for is on-shore winds, those that blow from the city out to the sea. Both of these create great conditions for the best kiteboarding. 


  • Gilgo Beach, Long Island

           Timeframe: April – May and September – November

Gilgo Beach  on Long Island is an oceanside beach, and hailed as one of, if not the best in the area for kitesurfers.  There are a some pretty big waves there, and you’ll get the chance to see some skilled kite borders tackling them.


  • Tobay Beach, Long Island

                      Timeframe: April – May and September – November

Directly across the road from Gilgo Beach, Tobay is a small beach with a unique layout. The initial bay turns into a labyrinth of canals, known for great flat water riding- but you’ll need to keep a close eye on the weather and make sure the wind is on your side. If you loose wind power, you’ll have a challenging time navigating your way back to shore throughout the canals, but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm. 


  • Sandy Hook, New Jersey

                         Timeframe: March – May and September – November

While technically not in NYC, Sandy Hook is about an hour and half from Brooklyn & Manhattan,  is perfect for learning the ropes of Kitesurfing. It’s a beautiful spot, with winds blowing from the North or South. The western shore is perfect for beginners just getting started, as there is some flat, shallow water there, and the eastern oceanside offers move movement and waves. 

If you decide to make a day trip out of it, don’t park at parking lot C. That area is reserved for windsurfers and also dangerous for kitesurfers  because of power lines. Parking lot B, on the Sandy Hook Bay side, is where it’s at for kiteboarding. 


  • Napeague Bay, Long Island

                  Timeframe: March – June and September – November

Looking for a great sport to windsurf, but also including some exciting sightseeing and high end dining and nightclubs? Look no farther than then Napeague Bay, Long Island. It’s an amazing place to kiteboard, with a large, shallow bay and wind for days. The best part? It’s  curved, meaning you’ll never be without an area of side-shore wind.

Since the location is about 2-3 hours away from the city, it’s definite a day trip or fun weekend getaway. Besides kitesurfing, you can rent  stand up paddleboards at local surf shops, a sailboat and take to the waters that way, or even go fishing—it’s up to what you enjoy and would like to explore. A few minutes away from the Hamptons and other areas known for great dining and bars, you’ll have no shortage of fun times. 


  • Shinnecock Bay, Long Island,

              Timeframe:  March – June and September – November

Shinnecock Bay, one of the best kept kiteboarding secrets! It’s a barrier beach located on the southern shore of Long Island, and is perfect if you like to avoid crowds and have a great kitesurfing area all to yourself. There are even surf shops there that offer lessons with both surfing and kitesurfing, so you are all set in ready to go! Shinnecock Bay also consists of 9,000 acres of aquatic habitats, so you’ll be able to see a beautiful part of the natural world and all it’d inhabitants as well.

Ready to get your surf on? If you live in or by NYC and have an interest in kiteboarding, you’ve got no excuses when it comes to learning all things kiteboarding and explore a new lifestyle and sport!

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