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Exploring Sicily, Extreme Sports’ Style


Sicily is famous for its vineyards, cathedrals, beaches – and extreme sports. Didn’t think the island had much to offer in terms of adrenaline activities? Think again. Sicily offers many spectacular ways to enjoy its history, cities and nature from different extreme activities like paragliding, quad biking, kitesurfing, canyoning, and so much more. 

Steeped in history, art culture, and excitement, Sicily sets the stage for epic experiences within the extreme sports world – let’s dive (or fly) in!


Body rafting in the Alcantara Gorges, Sicily

Located in the heart of Sicily, you’ll never want to leave this geological and botanical park of Alcantara, where body rafting takes place. This exciting adventure looks like it’s out in the wild, but is really not too far from the city of Taormina.

 The whole area is particularly impressive and unique due to the volcanic activity on the island, and will leave your heart pounding as you use your body as a raft, going down the river, jumping, sliding and going over small waterfalls. It’s a must for any and all adrenaline junkies – definitely a MUST for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there!


Adventure dives in Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are known globally as a paradise for divers of all levels. There are 7 islands, which means there is a huge diversity of difficulty levels, sea beds, Reefs, caves, corals craters, and so much more. The diving center offers more than 20 different diving spots to explore, with both day and night dives. Plus, we haven’t even gotten to the best part: One of the locations, Panarea, is where you can dive and visit the Lisca Bianca Wreck, one of the countless ship wreaks within the sea. This one is hundreds of years old, and is in a great state of decay, but is an epic sight to see.


7 Day kitesurfing Camp in Lo Stagnone, Marsala

Lo Stagnone is one of the best locations in Sicily for kitesurfing, and is a location that kitesurfing flock to. It has a lot to offer kitesurfers of all levels, and is known as one of the best locations to start out if you’re learning. 

The main wind direction is a Mistral, which hits the lagoon from the North-West while in other days the warm Sirocco wind comes from the South-East. Additionally, the shallow water there gives you the optimal place to practice kitesurfing and really hone your skills while having an epic time. The winds year round are almost always suitable for kitesurfng, and in a location like Sicily, how could you say no?


Canyoning at Alcantara Gorge Canyon in Sicily

Ready to go on a canyoning adventure of a lifetime? This is an canyoning excursion that will allow you to explore the area carved into the limestone by the continuous erosion of the water, using mountaineering equipment to make your way through. While using your mountaineering skills, you’ll be soaking in the breathtaking, untouched landscapes. The whole canyoning area is characterized by waterfalls and circular ponds and deep gorges.

The river is one of few that run year round, so no matter the time of your trip, you’ll be in luck. Plus, it’s often overlooked by regular tourists, meeting you won’t e overcrowded and the people that are there, will be adrenaline junkies like you.


Tandem Paragliding, Sicily

So you’ve explored Sicily, the architecture, the cathedral’s visited the natural wonders and explored all the adventure sports on land and water – but what about the sky? Few can say they’ve gotten a bird’s eye view of the lands of Sicily from paragliding, and the ones that haven’t are definitely missing out. And, with a tandem paraglide, you don’t need to worry about not being skilled enough to control the flight – you’ll be gliding with an experienced paraglider, so you can take in all the sights and feelings around you. 


Quad biking to Polle del Crimiso

Ready for a treat? The hot springs of Segesta are a welcomed sight for the adventurous off-road rider exploring the wild backlands of Sicily’s west coast…not many locals are willing to give up the location to these stunning hot springs, so you’ll need to book a tour or guide to show you their location. The springs have been rumored for centuries to have mystic healing powers dating back to the ancient Greeks, and today the whole area has bee, preserved and kept in its natural state. 

You’ll be heading out on 2-seater quad bikes into the local countryside, traveling at a quick pace through orchards vineyards and wild rugged lands, and finally go for a swim in the Segesta /hot springs. The fun does not stop there – after that, you’ll make your way to the Segesta Archaeological Park and visit the 5th-century Greek temple before returning to your starting point. It not only an adventure through time, but gives you the thrills of speeding across one of the world’s coolest locations in one of the coolest ways.

Extreme sports and activities are everywhere in the world, and even thought you might have thought that your options were bleak in Sicily before, we’ve given you quite a lot of adrenaline pumping activities for anyone with extreme interests – from diving and canyoning to paragliding and kitesurfing and more, you’ll be having a world’class adventure if you try even just a few of these otherworldly locations. Who knows what adventures await!

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