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Extreme Sports in Austria Part 1: Supsquatch, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, & More!

Austria Part 1

Austria is famous for its castles, palaces, stunning lands, culture and a vast amount of extreme activities for both national and international explorers. From land to water and sky, there are countless activities for the adventurers in the world – from bungee jumping, paragliding, snowmobiling, white water kayaking and rafting  – plus a few other favorites and even some new sports!


Bungee jumping 630 feet at the Europe Bridge, Innsbruck

Not only is the jump of a lifetime for the sheer height alone, this bungee jump is also impressive due to the natural beauty of the landscape! Come and enjoy a sensational activity in the beautiful lands of Austria, at this iconic bungee jumping location. 

History was made on October 3, 1993, when Rupert Hirner dared to do become the first ever bungee jumper from the Europe Bridge, and just five years later the first official bungee jumps were allowed from the bridge. It started off only being allowed for a week a year, then two, then a few months, and now it is a famous year-round activity that travelers across the world come to experience the thrill! 

About 25 years later, thousands of bungee jumpers have taken that thrilling step into the void from one of the most spectacular locations in the world of bungee jumping. Plus, Rupert Hirner is a part of the organization who offers the bungee jumps at the bridge, so you’ll be able to meet the man himself who make this whole thing a possibility ! 

The city of Innsbruck is famous for the imposing Europe Bridge, it’s the perfect and unique tool to conquer your fears and enter a new way of life with more self-confidence. How many people do you know who have bungee jumped in a for off land in one of the most iconic settings in the world of bungee jumping?

In about two seconds, you’ll reach the speeds of 74.6 mph, and be flying through the air for about five seconds. At the end of those five seconds, the bungee cord will accelerate you back until you will feel absolutely weightless…just for a moment before you fall again!


Supsquatch on the Salzach, Austria


“Supsquatch” is a brand new extreme sport that combines elements of surfing, stand-up paddleboarding and rafting into an extreme group activity.

The Supsquatch is a giant, inflatable stand-up board, usually measuring 16-feet long and 6.5-feet wide, set up for around 8 people to be on at once. . Are you looking for an entertaining and action-packed activity with your friends? Then look no further that this insane fun time that awaits you.

Using paddles, you and your teammates will navigate the waters – requiring teamwork and balancing skills. Taking place on the river Salzach near Salzburg, you’ll get a front row spot to partake in this exciting activity, and discover Austria from an entirely new perspective.

You’ll need to be good at swimming, as it is all but guaranteed that at some point you’ll fall off and into the water. According to the safety regulations in Austria, you are going to wear a helmet, life jacket and wetsuit as you master a mix of medium-level currents as well as calm sections. It’s fine if you only have minimal whitewater experience.


Classic tandem paragliding flight from Bischling, Werfenweng

Once you dry off from your water adventures, taking a scenic tandem paragliding flight and seeing the mountain ranges of the area below is a must! You’ll be taking off from Mount Bischling at an altitude of 6,000 feet and have an incredible flight.

The impressive mountain scenery guarantees an unforgettable adventure with a feast of 

unbelievable nature in the area of Werfenweng. With only a few steps of running, you’ll be off and flying in the air! If you feel up to it, you and your instructor can do special turns and stunts – adrenaline rush guaranteed.


Zip Lining in Leogang, Salzburger Land

With a length of 5,250 feet and a height of up to 470 feet and 80 miles and hour, this zip line (called the Flying Fox XXL)  is one of the fastest and longest in the world. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this thrill seeking activity, you can bet that zip lining here in Austria in the heart of the Alps is a one of a kind experience. 

You’ll get to see new perspectives of the Salzburg mountain landscape and let the thrilling speed take you away into a new world of adventure. You’ll be laying flat face down and the feeling you get is similar to a weightless freefall feeling, like hang gliding…but so much faster! 


Mountain Biking in the Ötztal Valley, Tyrol

Want to see some serious alpine views and top level mountain biking, welcome to  Otzal Valley, home to some of the most extreme single track and endure in the Tyrolean Alps. Offering a diverse amount of terrain and levels of extremeness, all mountain biking enthusiasts should have this otherworldly location on their biking bucket list. 

If you follow international biking competitions, you might already be familiar with this one. It’s become one of the most watched competitions of the European MTB, so you can literally follow in the footsteps (or bike paths) of the greats.

There are 12 MTB routes through the Otzal Valley that offer different lengths, connection trails and range of difficulty. A sightseeing trip on two wheels, you’ll be able to explore evergreen valleys, freshwater lakes, dense pine forests and quaint alpine villages – a journey of a lifetime.

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