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Get Set, RedBull Soapbox Race Go!!!

RedBull Soapbox Race

Soapbox Car

Racing a soapbox car is one of the most exciting hobbies; and if you are already hooked, you may want more information about the next soapbox race. Although there are many soapbox derbies, RedBull hosts these annual events all over the world. And I have all the details about the 2022 race coming to London.

The Redbull Soapbox Race will be one of the most popular events at Alexandra Palace.

This exciting event boasts all the traditional features of an exciting race: loud crowds, fast cars, crashes, celebrity appearances, hundreds of competitors and a lot of clowning around and laughs. There’s so much to see and do at this year’s event, you won’t get bored! Racers have been preparing years for this event, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it–especially live if you can make it.  

If you’re still wondering, soapbox racing is a competitive race where teams build their own custom vehicles and race them down a hill. The sport started in 1934 in Dayton Ohio and since spread worldwide. Sound fun? It’s crazy fun!  And if you’re thinking about joining the race (technically, anyone can participate!), this article will help you get started (but if you’re already sold on attending, click here)!

Mouse Car

I’m sure you’ve heard of motor racing, but how about a cardboard box race?

If you love motor racing then perhaps you’ll be excited to find out more about soapbox racing. It’s a cheap and fun form of racing, which can be enjoyed both by participating or just by standing in the street. Let me fill you in. The concept involves the use of… you guessed it, a car crafted from a soapbox. It’s a make-it-yourself racecar event. Public streets and hills are used for racetracks.

Racers range from young adults to adult professionals, where most participants show off by performing jumps, spins, slides, and slaloms. This is often accompanied by apprehensive audience members who try to avoid the unexpected skid. These events have been popular all over the world for years.  If you’re thinking about racing a cardboard box but not sure where to start, read on… I’ll show you even how to host your own soapbox race.




Soapbox Car


  • Team members must be at least 18 years old on the entry deadline of Sunday, March 20 2022.
  • Each member of the RedBull Soapbox Race team must sign their own participant disclaimer in order to compete in the event. 
  • Teams must consist of FOUR people, including the driver, and you’ll need all of them to get a good push at the start. 
  • Pit crew can only push as far as the start line – the driver and co-driver are on their own after that! 
  • No more than 2 people can be in the soapbox for the race. 
  • Your soapbox must be less than 2m wide, 2.5m tall, and 3.5m long.
  • Soapboxes should have at least 10cm clearance from the ground. 
  • The maximum weight of your soapbox is 80kg (excluding the driver, of course).
  •  All entries must be homemade – modified carts are not permitted. 
  • All soapboxes must have functional brakes and steering – braking with feet and hands is not permitted. 
  • Brakes must function independently of the steering, and should be connected to and operate on a minimum of two wheels on the same axle. 
  • Soapboxes must only be powered by the strength of a push and the gravity of the hill. No stored power or external energy sources, including engines, petrol, batteries, electrical cords, catapults, afterburners, and the like, are allowed. But that doesn’t mean you won’t go fast! 
  • Drivers and co-drivers are required to wear a helmet provided by Red Bull, and their own gum shield. 
  • Competitors can use their own POV cameras but need to transfer the rights of use to Red Bull. 
  • Drivers and co-drivers are not allowed to be physically attached to or enclosed in, any kind of capsule or cockpit that they can’t easily escape from. 
  • Pyrotechnics and smoke canisters are not allowed. 
  • Please select building materials carefully to ensure that your machine doesn’t impact too greatly on the environment. 
  • All chosen soapboxes, registered drivers, and team members must be available to arrive on Saturday 2nd July 2022 to have their vehicle checked over by their Safety Team. Each Soapbox must be fully built and ready for inspection when it is brought on to the site.


Soapbox Redbull

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, brilliant or boring, you can enter the race–just bring your own creative flair to the occasion!

If you already have one, get your soapbox out of the shed! Or make one, there’s easy. Yeah, that is, unless you want to win: then I’d suggest searching Google, Duck or to create and fine-tune, with precision, your Bubuggi.  Every year, people all over the country take part in a celebration of eclectic culture and pride, where a bunch of crazy folks climb onto a soapbox cart and race down a hill. You can create your own soapbox cart, wave your personal placard around and revel in the fun-filled chaos! 

Now in its 92nd year, Alexandra Palace hosts a fantastic weekend in July. If you’ve always wanted to do it but never dared, now’s your time to add your unique flair to the occasion and have a chance to grab a SALE ticket with no worry about winning. By entering from Great Britain you can race your homemade soapbox cart down one mile of steep man-made hillside road on Sunday 3rd of July 2022 at Alexandra Palace Park.




Chance of winning big prizes from some big brands.

This soapbox race is no regular London event, you see – in fact, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. And when you sign up to participate in this incredible event, you’ve entered a chance to win big prizes from big brands. You might be thinking that the word ‘big’ is misleading. Don’t be fooled!!  That couldn’t be further from the truth in this race.


Chances to win, as you compete in multiple heats on the day.

Get ready for some adrenaline-fueled action! You’ll be racing through the streets of Alexandra Palace Park trying to outsmart your competitors, while trying your luck at various attractions within a given time period. Come race or just come to watch; but whatever you decide, you’ll have a jolly good time in this extraordinary historical setting and guaranteed to engulf you as you cross the finish line–perhaps with Harry waving the flag! 

Soapbox Car

Winners have the chance to appear on TV and make their mark in British history.

Entering the world of soapbox racing can be exhilarating. With a competitive spirit and eagerness to win, newcomers combine excitement with competitive adrenaline at every event. But the sport itself isn’t your average activity. This unique sport stretches back 92 years; and today, popularity is rising more than before – it’s become a craze. 

So, be a part of one of London’s biggest parties, which attracts thousands of people each year! Earn a coveted spot in history! It’s all recorded: and Google ain’t e-racing much these days! 

You can also see the interesting and crazy shows and exhibits prepared by different organizations. If you love the thought of rubbing shoulders with thrill-seekers and even the Royals, or if you want to earn a place in the Guinness Records, you should definitely sign up for the annual Soap Box Race

Anyone can enter: all genders, creeds, colors and IQs. No matter your age, height, weight, religion: everyone is welcome to join. It only takes guts to get on the stage and convince people to vote by walking up to the microphone and stating your case. 

So regardless of how many awards you win, how much you raise through sponsorship, or whether your team is 1 person or 25 people; what matters is that you’ve taken part, had fun, and proved you’re greater than some.

If you love everything racing, excuses don’t matter!


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