We are WFO, an association of courageous risk takers, world makers, innovators, artisans, creators, and enthusiasts who live as explorers to seek, find, and live their purpose with the faith that in doing so we become who we were created to be – a unique expression and gift that no one else can offer.

(adventurers) We are more than investors and entrepreneurs, we do not merely fill a role. We make a mark; compelling and remarkable. As Adventurers, we live an abundant life of liberty. We pursue our passions and overcome a multitude of obstacles. We endure the vulnerability and exposure it takes to make it real.

(achievement) While most of the world hides in the averages, clinging to the status quo, we face our fears and support our peers. We believe in taking chances, good fortune, synchronicities, and the unexplained (energy beyond our own).

(find/live our purpose) We do not esteem goals and aspirations above all. Instead we choose to be our greatest self, moment-by-moment, with patience and trust that in the journey we find fulfillment and manifest our greatest contribution. We do not seek external justification. We cannot be cancelled nor censored because we do not prioritize public opinion over authenticity, faith, and virtue. We value the opinions of many, but we place greater value on our purpose and calling.

(values – deep not surface) We choose experience over possessions and believe the only way we can fail is to stop moving forward. We do not seek the empty promises of fun, happiness, or monetary wealth alone; instead we value righteousness, peace, and joy. We aspire to create more value than we consume.

(optimists) We are optimistic about the future … always. We refuse to be burdened by history. As Adventurers, we not only embrace change, we create it by the actions we take, starting first with mindful thoughts on how we are to make a difference.

(community) We seek to build rapport, comradery, and networks with likeminded healthy trail blazers who seek to build a better world.

“RISK IS REAL, FEAR IS A CHOICE” – Vinod Khosla   

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