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How to Start a New Extreme Sport

Curious on how you can start an extreme sport? Is it even possible? The short answer—yes. Here’s everything you need to know about making your dream a reality and changing the game of extreme sports.

New Extreme Sport

Extreme sports are sports like base jumping, free climbing, surfing big waves, and more. These sports appeal to the masses because they’re insanely exciting and adrenaline pumping moments to watch. However, if you look at it from a business perspective, these sports take a lot of marketing and advertising to become successful. You need to make sure that as many people as possible know about your sport and how amazing it is.

There are a lot of extreme sports that have been popularized in recent years, and there are bound to be more to become internationally known.  Here are certain steps on how you can start a new extreme sport, or turn one of your crazy thoughts into reality with passion and the willingness to share it with others. With these tips in mind, you will be able to start an extreme sport or revolutionize an existing one.


  1. Choose a Sport That is Currently Not Taken Seriously

There are many sports that are overlooked, so why not pick one of those and be the person who brings it into the limelight.

You may think this is a silly proposition, but in the long run, you could change the world of sports and make a lot of money in the process. If you are not convinced, take a look at how many people enjoy watching extreme sports.

Extreme sports have been around for decades, taking an unknown path and currently garnering millions of dollars in revenue per sport per event. What if you could get a portion of that revenue just by betting on something crazy and taking a risk?



  1. Learn Everything You Can About Your Chosen Sport

Sports are  a very broad area. There are many sports that you may find fascinating, and it’s possible that there are some you don’t even know about. For example, did you know that there is a sport called “Extreme Ironing“?

So you see, there are endless possibilities.

Get a notebook and keep notes of everything you can find out. Take pictures. Look up pricing on entry-level equipment, ongoing supplements, and any other cost that is available. Evaluate if your sport will fit in a gym or other similar setting, or if you will need a large outdoor area. It is important to review your passion, why you are taking this on, along how you plan to market the extreme sport.


  1. Try to Create a Unique Style or a New Way of Playing That Involves the Chosen Sport

There are many sports that give you a great experience when you play them. But, there are some sports that can turn out to be extreme if used to the right extent. If a sport is to be made different and more exciting, then it can be done by adding unusual ingredients into it.

A new extreme sport could bring about fame and wealth for the one who set up and created it. Imagine being able to say, “Hey everyone! I’m the guy who invented this amazing sport.” Right now, there is a no more deserving person of that honor than Laird Hamilton, who is a co-inventor of tow-in surfing.


  1. Start Small and Slowly Gain People’s Interest

Starting off with a small following is challenging, as it is with everything else. These tiny businesses begin with a small but enthusiastic audience that has already developed an interest in the sport.

When starting out with a new Extreme Sport or any activity for that matter, it is important to begin small, test the waters and build up the excitement around it. This way you can gauge interest and reaction, making changes according to the outcome.  Build it up, starting with a small group of ‘test pilots’ and performing some kind of formal training.  Gaining confidence and momentum will help you gain trust as an expert, as well as grow awareness among your target market and other relevant stakeholders. The first steps should be quite modest and easy to manage. Keep in mind that you are building a brand and a reputation; so be honest to yourself and your target market. Before surging in growth and becoming an extreme sport, it first needs to attract followers and become its own niche sport.

  1. The Deciding Factor

One of the most important things to consider before creating a new extreme sport is where your interest in a particular extreme sport stems from. While most extreme sports and adventure sports were created out of getting a thrill, others were created because the creator was interested in doing it and had no intention of marketing it or turning it into a business. As an example, climbing trees for fun can be turned into an extreme sport when you try to climb the tallest tree you can find.

However, as beneficial as these adrenaline-pumping activities are to your physical and mental health, understanding how to do them correctly might be the difference between life and death.

It’s true that many of the extreme sports we watch and enjoy as a spectacle were invented by someone with a crazy idea. I mean, thanks to people who had no fear, we now have bungee jumping, rock climbing, surfing, etc.

  1. All Things Marketing

You can’t just sit back and expect everyone else to do all the work. You need to tell your friends and share the idea on social networks, and work on your marketing strategy.

It might seem too crazy to believe, but it is possible, with the right idea, marketing and hard work to make it a reality. If you have ever wanted to be a part of an exciting sports world but didn’t know how, this is your chance to experience something new for yourself!


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