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Iceland: A World Of Extremes

There are over 100 different extreme activity locations across Iceland – from glacier hiking, ice climbing, snorkeling, quad biking, and other activities like helicopter tours that give you a bird’s eye view of active volcanos, glaciers and other spectacular natural wonders.


Iceland looks like it’s from another world, and has set the scene for some of the most iconic filming locations for the likes of James Bond, Game of Thrones, and many more. With vast scenery, active volcanos and massive glaciers, it’s no wonder that there is a range of activities that don’t just offer a good time, but get the blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing. We’re talking extreme sports and activities, and are about to take you for a ride. 

There are over 100 different extreme activity locations across Iceland – from glacier hiking, ice climbing, snorkeling, quad biking, and other activities like helicopter tours that give you a bird’s eye view of active volcanos, glaciers and other spectacular natural wonders. 

Zip Lining in Grafargil Canyon


Ready to take a leap of faith? You’ll be zipping through a stunning river canyon and magnificent waterfall in Vik, Iceland. If you love flying hundreds of feet in the air through the air and getting a unique view on the land below, you’ll be in awe of the natural wonders of this adventure, teeming with green hills, waterfalls, and rugged river canyons that set the stage for an incredible experience. 

To get there, you’ll need to travel to the south of Iceland and get to the small village of  Vík, where you’ll meet with a local guide, drive to the starting point, and hike about 20 minutes to the “The Gentle Giant,” the longest of the two zip lines you will be experiencing. Stretching at over 770 feet, you will be breathless at both the feeling of flying across the canyon and the surrounding scenery. 

You can find out all the information needed to plan your trip here


Ice Climbing in the Skaftafell Glacier


Take out the rocks, put in ice, and what do you get? Ice climbing! 

 A part of Europe’s biggest glacier, you’ll be have the chance to explore the highest peak of Iceland while ice climbing – it’s over 6,500 feet in the air! While you won’t be ice climbing the whole thing, you will have a thrilling adventure and be traversing  the snowcovered fields, huge ice sheets and heart-stopping views while taking part in this extreme activity. Movies like James Bond have filmed here, as well as Game of Thrones. Your guide will provide you will all the equipment you need, and you’ll take a bus ride with the rest of your group about ten minutes from the small town to the welcome area of the glacier. 

From there, you’ll learn how to use your equipment and start ice climbing. Like rock climbing, you’ll be climbing with the help of a harness, cord, and helmet. Unlike rock climbing, you’ll be using an ice ax or piolet, and weatherproof boots with crampons to make your way up the ice. It’s truly an experience unlike any other.


Diving tour in the Silfra Fissure


One of the coolest activities on this list, you’ll be diving deep in between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, and experience the Silfra fissure in a mind-blowing way. If you love water and diving, this is one of the all-time diving experiences you’ll ever have. 

Located in the Thingvellir National Park, this sub-aquatic rift is considered to be one of the best freshwater dives in the world. The glacial waters come from the Langjökull glacier and are filtered through a lava field, with the waters being crystal clear for over 300 feet in front of you, which is pretty amazing! The temperature hovers around 37 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, so you’ll need a cup of coffee or hot cocoa to warm up afterwards. 

Another thing to keep in mind: You’ll need to have prior dry suit diving experience, with a minimum of 10 logged dry suit dives, and have dived in a dry suit within the last 2 years.


Snowmobile Tour on Langjokull Glacier 


Do you love adrenaline-pumping activities and beautiful scenery? Then snowmobiling in Iceland is definitely worth it! Zipping over the surface of a glacier or frozen lake, with the snowy landscape stretching into the horizon, is an unforgettable experience.

A popular winter activity is taken to the extremes at the Langjökull Glacier, Iceland’s second-biggest glacier. It’s an adrenaline-inducing experience for sure – fun for the whole family, or if you are on a solo trip! Locate two hours from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, you’ll be having a winter adventure of a lifetime, explore the wild lands of Iceland. 


Mountain Biking in Reykjavik, Iceland


Iceland isn’t on everyone’s bucket list for mountain biking, but with never-ending summer days, otherworldly landscapes, and plenty of singletrack, that is likely to change. This July, Colorado-based Yeti Cycles sent photographers and filmmakers Craig Grant and Joey Schusler with pro rider Sam Seward to test out a new bike and get some jaw-dropping images. They succeeded. Here, cameraman and accomplished rider Schusler shares a few of their favorite images and a taste of the MTB wonderland.

Want to discover the spectacular landscapes of Iceland? What better way than on bike? Stop off whenever you want to get up close and personal with the nature.

The experienced and local guide of Icebike Adventures will take you on an outing you’ll never forget. You’ll visit sites and trails that not even the locals know about – talk about privileged position!

During the full day excursion you’ll be using a top quality, full suspension mountain bike, giving you a great way to get a taste of mountain biking in Iceland.


Paragliding in Vik, South Iceland


Paragliding is a transformative experience – hundreds of feet up in the air, seeing the world and all it’s inhabitants from above. It can give you a new outlook, a new lease on life. And Iceland is one of the most exciting destinations for that adventure, for all aspects of the adventure. From the skies above and the scenery of the world below, we can bet you’ll have a ton of fun in the skies of Iceland. 

You’ll be tandem paragliding, meaning you’ll be up there with an experienced and certified paraglider, perfect for getting your first taste of this extreme sport. The speed of flying is much slower than other airborne sports, which gives you time to soke in every moment and enjoy the view. 


Quad Biking Day Trip on South Coast from Reykjavík


What to spend hours in a foreign land, racing, spinning and explore all that part of the world has to offer? Quad Biking is one of the most adventurous ways to explore this mysterious land, and, oh, how could we almost forget to mention? You’ll be exploring the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and the surrounding volcanic black sandy coast, which is a visual feast for the eyes.

There’s not only the cool black beaches to check out-you’ll be exploring the rivers, streams, fields, hills and other scenic views of the glacier and dormant volcano. 

Looking for an exciting, adventurous, trip teeming with excitement and unforgettable memories? Iceland has so much to offer, and when it comes to extreme sports and activities, it certainly is not lacking in that area. Have you been there and have some WIDE OPEN stories to tell? Share with us in the comments!

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