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Kitesurfing Myths: True or False?

Kitesurfing is one of the most popular watersports behind surfing, and there are several persistent myths that leave people confused and unsure. Read on to discover the truth!


Kitesurfing is a fun sport and recreational activity, full of thrills and spills, insane jumps and crazy stunts. People take part around the world, wherever there is water and wind, basically. As with anything that grows with popularity, some common, pesky myths continue to  give people false misconceptions on the sport…or are they actually true? That’s what makes a myth, a myth. Here are GOWFO, we’re here to dispel the most common kitesurfing myths and help you on your kitesurfing journey! 

You Need to Be Incredibly Athletic 

True OR False? 

Do you need to be athletic in order to participate in this extreme sport? At first glance, you’d most likely say, “yes, of course!” I mean, we are talking about extreme sports, right? If you need to be athletic for regular sports, you’ll most definitely need to be extremely athletic for extreme sports…but that’s not really the case for kitesurfing. 

When taking your first steps with kitesurfing, the skills you’ll need to learn are mainly coordination, You are not only learning a regular watersport, but you are also using the wind to move as well. That’s not to say that you won’t get a full body workout, for sure! You’ll start out with a focus on coordination and be building your fitness level as you go, so it’s a perfect entrance into the world of extreme sports. Your body will soon adapt to the new movements and challenges, and before you know it, you’re up, up, and away!

This Myth is FALSE!


Crashes are Painful or Dangerous

True OR False?

It is more unrecoverable than painful, really. It’s not a ball of fun getting water in your eyes and ears and everywhere else, but it’s part of the game. The good part is that thanks to the kite is still lifting you up, so you’ll have a softer landing and be able to regain control rather quickly. In comparison with snowboarding, for example, kitesurfing crashes are definitely less painful for sure. Just shake it off, afterwards!

This myth is FALSE!


You Need Lots of Physical Strength for Kitesurfing

True OR False?

A lot of people think that kitesurfing isn’t possible for them due to the strength required. Here’s a secret: when comparing it to windsurfing, surfing or wakeboarding, kitesurfing is the sport that requires the least amount of physical strength. Why? Well, most people don’t realize is that the kite is moved by the force of the wind, which is attached to your harness—meaning that you really don’t need upper body strength at all! Unlike other sports where strength is key, when it comes to kitesurfing you’ll need more training in technique than strength training. Known for being the easiest and fastest extreme sport to learn, Kitesurfing is great if you are looking to gain skills quickly to enjoy the highs and lows of extreme sports.

So, this myth is FALSE!


Kitesurfing is Expensive.

True OR False? 

Kitesurfing is more expensive than normal surfing, as you need more equipment. A lot of kitesurfing instructors and school provide equipment you can learn and practice on.  If you are interested in pursuing kitesurfing you can invest in your own kitesurfing equipment, which will be generally about $1,800 -$2,200. Pro-tip: Look into purchasing last year’s model when it comes to gear, it will most likely be more inexpensive. 

This myth is TRUE!


There are a lot of complicated lines and things you need to control at the same time. 

True OR False? 

When you’re watching a kitesurfer zip across the open water, it looks effortless. But upon looking closer, you’ll see there are several parts constantly in motion that you need to be controlling all at the same time. Compared to surfing, there’s definitely a lot more going on. It’ll seem complex at first, but you will get used to it rather quickly. Before you know it, you’ll see that everything works very well together. 

This myth is TRUE!


This Sport Has Way too Many Dangers!

True OR False?

When you look up kitesurfing videos, you’ll see insane videos of athletes jumping, flipping, leaping in the air while kitesurfing, and we get it can look intimidating seeing those crazy stunts.

Don’t think jumping is where kitesurfing begins and ends. Even though that is the most insta-worthy part of kitesurfing, it’s much more than that. A lot of people just to enjoy their time out on the water kitesurfing, just by cruising around without the theatrics and stunts. Don’t feel pressured to go to the extremes—enjoying the thrill of feeling the wind on their face while gliding across the water.


I’m Simply too Old to Learn Kitesurfing. 

True OR False?

Get out of here with that attitude! While it’s true that with a lot of sports you need to start young, Kitesurfing is open to everyone and anyone who wants to try and experience something new.  From ages 5 to 80 have tried their hand at kitesurfing, and there’s no excuse as to why you can’t, either! Don’t let a number stop you from doing want to you want and exploring new things. Even people with artificial hips and other differences have been able to enjoy kitesurfing. 

This myth is FALSE!


You Can be too Heavy for Kitesurfing.

True OR False?

This is a common myth but very easy to destroy: If you are a bit heaver, you’ll use a bigger kite, and if you’re skinny and concerned the kite might just drag you away and up to the clouds, you’ll use a smaller kite. Kitesurfing is all about the basics of physics, as the experts say. Sometimes, you may need a bigger board, too, but that largely depends on the kitesurfing conditions. 

This myth is FALSE!


And there you have it! The most common kitesurfing myths, debunked or validated. There really are too many excuses as to why you can’t learn to kitesurf, and not only does it add something cool and unique to your character, it is a fun activity to enjoy—and compete in!

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