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Coming to the end of the season right now, it’s been a long season.Big, Clean…. probably the best so far!We had over 20 Big waves sessions this year, everyone is hurting, and everyone is broken.l usually never get hurt, but this year I bruised my ribs badly at the WSL Challenge, made a huge effort to surf 2 weeks later on the historic Feb 25th Swell and on my Second Wave I fractured a part of my shoulder.Every year there is the same talk. And honestly, this is the worst part about Surfing Big waves. It’s when everyone starts pulling out their measurement tapes and the battle starts.Who Surfed the biggest wave? Who rode it deeper? That’s not the part I like the most, but we are in a competitive sport, and that requires a winner. What I feel is wrong is that less and less there is a rule book on how waves should be measured. Everyone. just screams as loud as they can and those who scream the loudest get the publics’ attention.What do you think? Let me know in the comments what are your thought on this matter!Get My Von Froth Collection: https://vonfroth.comFilmed byRicardo PinaEdited byRicardo PinaCarmo RaposoAdditional FootageGastão EntrudoMaquina VoadoraIan TavaresLaurent PujolNuno DiasCarlos MoriongolPaul TaubliebPedro CorreiaMendo DornellasKenny KempPedro MotasPhotoMargarita SalyakProduction assistantCarmo Raposo

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