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Welcome to Laggan Wolftrax. If you are looking for a gnarly trail centre experience then this is the place to be.The trails at Laggan offer a really unique riding experience, unlike any other trails centre i’ve visited in the UK. There are red routes, a jump line and a black route.The black descent is the hardest trails centre trail I have ever ridden. It is completely unforgiving with technical climbs and technical descents.The descents are particularly challenging. There are numerous rock features on the trail itself, on the black you will find that many of these features are blind. I would definitely advise sectioning them before you throw yourself down the trail.This ride was pretty special as I ended up riding two different bikes over the course of the day.The first bike I rode was the Bird Forge. The Bird Forge is an aggressive steel hardtail bike. I took this bike down the red routes at Laggan Wolftrax as well as the jump line. If you haven’t tried riding a modern hardtail then you need to consider it. The geometry on modern hardtails makes them exceptionally good and the bike ate up the red routes at Laggan.In the latter half of the day I got to ride the Ethic Prototype from Bird. This is an all out hardcore enduro e-bike. The Ethic protype was completely at home on the Laggan Black trail. I absolutely loved this bike – it completely brought Laggan Wolftrax to life.0:00 Laggan Wolftrax MTB trails video Intro0:52 Welcome to Laggan Wolftrax2:47 Riding the Hardtail down the Lower Red at Laggan4:57 Laggan Upper Red on the Bird Forge8:14 Orange Bike Park Laggan9:46 Ethic Prototype E-Bike11:05 Riding the Ethic on the Laggan Upper Red11:46 Laggan Wolftrax Black Route14:49 Tackling a tricky rock section on Laggan Lower Black!17:18 Another scary rock garden!19:54 My thoughts on an epic day at Laggan WolftraxIf you are new to my videos then expect to see high quality riding vlogs shot in the same style as McTrail Rider, Paul the Punter and BKXC. I try to travel to the best MTB locations in Scotland finding you the best mountain biking trails.The video was shot on a GoPro Hero 10 mounted on the chin of an Endura MT500 helmet using a Gnartec mount. I am supported by Bird Cycleworks. I am supported by Endura clothing. This is one of the most respected brands in the industry. To see why check out Tweed Valley are supporting me with training and fitness this year. Check them out at am supported by Mudhugger. They make the best MTB mud protection out there! am supported by Fenwicks cleaning products. Check them out, they are really nice products for sure! collaborate with Ridelines, an MTB tuition company. They offer a fantastic service and should be considered by anyone wanting to improve their riding. Check them out at bike is maintained by Bspoke Cycles Peebles. They offer insanely good service and I cannot recommend them enough. Check them out at #fullsuspensionvshardtail #lagganwolftrax

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