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Riding Whistler Bike Trails on SKI BIKES (gone wrong)


Attempting to ride Whistler bike trails on ski bikes after an ice storm. What could go wrong? See more of Kaz over at Mahalo My Dude: at Sundial Hotel the next time you’re in Whistler: ski bikes we used: support the channel and receive some sweet perks, check out: our full photo/video course? Sign up for the $5 Patreon level and up to get it for free, forever!Our Sponsors:The incredible BIKES we ride: HELMETS/ Gloves/ Protection: Space-age WHEELS: HYDRATE with: SADDLES/ Droppers/ Grips: next set of TIRES: best PEDALS ever: buttery SUSPENSION and chain guides: Rx EYEWEAR keeping us sharp: MTB CLOTHING: you want to use the same rad gear we do *and* support the channel, use the affiliate links below:Where we find music for all of our videos: main action camera:Amazon: Photo: other action camera:Amazon: Photo: main action camera gimbal: other action camera gimbal:Amazon: Photo: “big” camera:Amazon: Photo: on-camera microphone: Amazon: Photo: best memory cards ever:Amazon: Photo: fancy motorized camera slider: find a curated list of our favorite video and photo <a dir="auto" href="" rel="nofollow" spellcheck="false" target=

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