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Skateboarding VS. BMX — Which is More Exciting? You Choose!

Find out which sport is the most fun to play. Vote and convince your friends to be on the winning side.

Skateboard vs BMX

Skateboarding VS. BMX

Skateboarding vs. BMX (bike motocross) are often compared to each other, but the truth is they are quite different. BMX is a bicycle designed specifically for completing jumps, tricks, and stunts and are less suited for riding on roads. Skateboarding, on the other hand, can be done on both roads and in skating parks, performing tricks as well.

Are you interested in exploring one or the other, or both? Read on to discover the differences and pros and cons below.

What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. With over 80million people worldwide engaging in skateboarding, the industry has exploded as a multi-billion dollar business. Skateboarders have been featured in movies, television, and video games for decades, and is now officially a part of the Olympics.  Started by Surfers in the US, skateboarding isn’t just a mode of transport—it’s an adrenaline rushing sport, and a lifestyle.


What is BMX?

BMX stands for bicycle motocross. It is a type of off-road cycling that involves riding a bike over obstacles or ramps and preforming tricks and stunts.

Bicycle motocross was invented by teenagers in California in the early 1970s. Since then, it has grown into a very popular sport with millions of fans around the world. There are many types of BMX competitions, and they vary depending on the level of difficulty.



Some people like skateboarding, and others like BMX.  If they both feel equally fun to you, why not try both out?

Learning skateboard tricks can be hard at first, though probably not as hard as on a BMX. Skateboard tricks involve strong balancing and coordination skills, however BMX requires much more strength and fitness for performing even the simplest tricks. While seeing young kids doing advanced flips with their skateboards is common, due to the intense and hard work it takes to do advanced BMX tricks, you won’t see as many kids in the higher levels of the sport.


What Are The Pros and Cons to BMX and Skateboarding?

 BMX Pros:

  • Pro: You can accomplish things on a much greater scale and go places that a skateboard cannot
  • Pro: Bikes are highly customizable, so you can learn a lot about building and disassembling bikes, as well as how they operate
  • National and international competitions

BMX Cons:

  • Con: A lot of the tricks need a lot of expertise, so as a novice, it will take a lot of time to gain the skills you’ll need
  • Con: Depending on where you live, there may not be many locations to ride
  • BMX bikes are not great for general riding, mountain biking or travelling long distances
  • Con: Depending on the manufacturer, custom components can be quite expensive
  • Con: Unless you live near a bike store or anyplace else that offers BMX components, bike parts might be difficult to come by


Skateboarding Pros:

  • Pro: Skateboard parts are reasonably priced and not overly difficult to obtain and assemble
  • Pro: Riding is a fun if you learn some nice techniques, and it can really get you addicted…in a good way
  • Skateboarding is a great way to get fit and keep in shape
  • National and international competitions

Skateboarding Cons:

  • Con: Your options for location are somewhat limited. You can’t just go skating in the woods!
  • Con: Skateboards might be difficult to learn tricks on at first
  • Con: Riding a skateboard to get around town might be a hassle

And there you have it—which comes out on top to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Remember to stick to what you enjoy the most; you’ll love it when you get good at it. Good luck!

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