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The Most Burning Skydiving Questions—Answered!

What are the most asked questions about skydiving? We’ve got your answers here—from skydiving sickness to breathing, skydiving while pregnant and a bunch of popular questions, you’ll know exactly what you need to know when moving towards your first jump.

Skydiving Questions

We’ve looked up the most asked questions about all things skydiving and have complied their answers below. If you’ve got any questions or concerns before taking your first leap out of a plane, we’ve got you covered. You’ll get a good basis for all things skydiving, and be prepared to start on your skydiving journey

When skydiving, How do you Breathe?

When you first jump out of a plane, you might feel as if you forgot how to breathe! The key to it all is to relax—which is easier said than done for sure. Breathe through your nose, and out through your mouth. It’s really that simple—no worries about not having enough oxygen in the air, even 10,000 feet or more in the air. 


Can You Skydive While Pregnant? 

In short—yes, but really not a great idea. Injuries occurring while pregnant are more at risk for a difficult pregnancy, often resulting in an unfavorable outcome.  The risks when skydiving are higher, for sure, and the  recommendation  “do not skydive during pregnancy”  is the safest way for all, including the unborn child. 


Skydiving When It’s Cloudy?

Skydiving through a cloud sounds like loads of fun, an incredible filming experience for sure! Alias, it is not legally allowed. Plus, when you are around 2 miles above earth 9with is a huge distance when skydiving!) you’ll want the clearest view possible as you fall 120 miles per hour towards your home planet. 


When Skydiving, How Fast are You Falling?

The average speed when falling to earth via skydiving is 120mph. 


When Skydiving, How Long are You in the Air?

You may think you are free-falling back down to planet earth for a few minutes before your parachute opens up. But in reality, you’ll only be 60 seconds for a 14,000-foot drop, and for  9,000 ft, approximately 30 seconds in free fall. 


Why is Skydiving Popular?

When thinking of skydiving, you may not realize that it’s really a mental game, after all, it’s quite a physical activity when you are flying to earth at around 120 mph. Skydiving is very much a mental game of overcoming fear while battling with your sense of judgement. It’s 100% true – when they say that you’ll jump out of the plane and land on the ground a different person. No matter how confident of a person you are, skydiving will make you a mentally stronger and confident person for sure. 


Why is Skydiving Safe?

There has been a lot of new tech and research within this extreme sport world, making skydiving equipment saver than at any other point in time. Modern parachute equipment is well researched and tested in advanced ways, making sure that each piece is in perfect condition for skydivers to use.


Why Skydiving is Good for You?

Got three words for you: adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. You might have already heard of them, but these chemicals that we create are instantly woken up when we participate in activities like skydiving—basically meaning you’ll be feeling really good afterwards. Plus, activating these chemicals in your body can aid you in a myriad of ways—better mental health, better sleep and more. 


Why is Skydiving Dangerous?

What’s the biggest risk when jumping out of an airplane? Parachute malfunctions.

Research shows that 1 in 1,000 parachute openings don’t open properly,  with various amount of known malfunctions. The second-biggest risk? Getting injured while landing. As an example, if a tandem student does not lift their legs up high enough, they can risk injuring their ankles. It’s very important to know all proper ways to land and make sure to do it well.  I


Will I Die if I go Skydiving?

When skydiving, there is always a risk involved. If you want the latest data collected by the United States Parachute Association, that risk is about 0.00045% chance of happening. How do we know that number? Out of 3.3 million skydives that were completed, a total of 15 skydiving fatalities. When doing a tandem skydive, those chances go down even farther. 


Will Skydiving Make You Sick?

You might be thinking that you get motion sickness if you skydive, and honestly, that makes sense if you think on it. Your stomach drops when zipping up and down on rollercoasters, so wouldn’t it do the same when skydiving? Wrong. When on a rollercoaster, you start from a static position at the top of a “hill”, zip down superfast, then roll to the top of the next “hill” slower, coming to a near complete stop, and repeating the process. The speed shock factor is what makes riding a rollercoaster  so thrilling.

When skydiving, you’ll already in be in a plane moving at about 100mph, and once you jump. you’ll be  free-falling at about 120mph. The speed will not be nearly as much of a shock to your system, so your motion sickness won’t be acting up anywhere near what it would on a rollercoaster ride. Plus, with the sights you’ll be seeing up in the sky, you’ll stomach won’t even cross your mind.  So there you have it! Your chances of getting sick while skydiving are pretty low. 


How to Skydive Solo?

Step 1: complete all requirements laid out by the USPA A License Proficiency Card.

Step 2: Complete a minimum of 25 freefall skydives (including tandems) 

Step 3:  Make five skydives with one or more people

Step 4: Pass the USPA written and oral 

Step 5: Get skydiving license stamped by the USPA

Step6: Start Skydiving solo!


How Old do You Need to be to Skydive?

In other words, is there a minimum age you much be to skydive? Yes! You must be at least 18 years old in the USA to make your first jump. 


With this arsenal of skydiving knowledge at your fingertips and a need for extreme sports speed, skying diving is calling your name. What’s stopping you from one of the most epic moments of your life? 

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