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The Safest Extreme Sports Will Take You on a Global Adventure

If you are looking for a fun activity close to home or the perfect destination for your extreme sports’ fix, we’ve got several interesting locations that offer unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else – WFO style.

We get it – that title might seem like an oxymoron. If you are looking for a safe sport to partake in , normally your first stop isn’t within the extreme sports’ world. However, extreme sports have grown substantially across the world, which has let to huge strides of innovation, including a safer version of some of the most extreme sports out there. There are numerous parks and indoor locations that combine safety and excitement into one experience!

That’s not to say that these locations and experiences are all safety focused and have taken away the fun and excitement of traditional dangerous sports; no way. These have their own spectacular adrenaline rush and world of wonder – there is just lass chance of major injury and death than the normal versions of these activities. 

So, if you are looking for a fun activity close to home or the perfect destination for your extreme sports’ fix, we bet that you’ll be planning and packing your bags after discovering the adventures that await. 


Indoor Skydiving, AKA Bodyflight – Las Vegas, Nevada

Worthy of its own feature, indoor skydiving is evolving into its own sport called bodyflight. You might be thinking, how can you possible skydive indoors? We have the aerodynamics community to thank for that. 

Using a system called a vertical wind tunnel (VWT), it uses powerful turbines and fans to push air through the central column and back upwards. The inlet compresses the air and creates the speed we need to fly, simulating the experience of the free fall.

These wind tunnels are used in the aerodynamics world to test planes and cars, and it didn’t take too long for innovations minds to see the ability and appeal of such an experience for the public. 

There are numerous indoor skydiving locations throughout the US and the world, the very first one opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is still one of the most popular locations out there. It has been critical for developing the sport of Bodyflight, where indoor skydivers can do tricks like spins, flips, and bounces. Today, there is even an International Bodyflight Association that promotes this up-and-coming sport and ensures safety precautions are taken and innovation within the space continues to grow. 


Ski Dubai – United Arab Emirates

 When you think of skiing, the winter wonderland of the alps and other cold places are the ones that spring to mind – not the desert city of Dubai. Switch out your snowboard for a sandboard, as the sand dunes are the closest you’ll get to real natural slopes. Dubai isn’t just known for its luxe lifestyle and towering skyscrapers, it’s also known for its huge skiing scene, thanks to Ski Dubai. 

The atmosphere at the indoor ski resort is more that of Austria than Arab, with five ski runs, a huge snow park for sledding and snow zorbing, cafés with steaming hot cocoa, real evergreen tress, and the best part-real, live penguins that live within this snow-globe like world in the desert.

There are more and more indoor skiing and snow parks around the world, but Ski Dubai is at the top of the list. 


Pool Scuba Diving – Montegrotto Terme, Italy

When it comes to scuba diving, divers are often on the lookout for increasingly difficult and deeper dives to test their skills and see otherworldly scenery in the depths of the sea. Other people might shudder at the thought of being deep in the ocean, with limited light, and oxygen, in an underwater cave. What if there was a way to meet in the middle, with the adrenaline of scuba diving, but in a contained environment?

Enter Pool Scuba Diving. And no, pool scuba diving does not take place in your backyard pool, but in mega-pools: pools that hundreds of feet deep, giving you a similar experience of diving in a safe way. It’s also a great way to get a taste of real scuba diving before heading out into the wild. 

So, where is the biggest and best mega pool located? Montegrotto Terme, Italy, and it’s called the Deep Joy pool. The pool is over 130 feet deep  – the deepest pool in the world, complete with realistic tunnels, caves for you to explore. The pool eliminates the need for wetsuits, as it is heated, making it an incredibly comfortable and fun adventure in Italy. 

It is a fun adventure that both seasoned scuba divers and beginners can enjoy, and it’s a remarkable work of architecture, as clear glass walkways cross through the pool, allowing visitors to peer through the glass and watch you and other divers swim around explore. In a way, it’s like going to an aquarium, except you are the ones on display. 


Ueno Park – Tokyo, Japan

Parkour is something that just about anyone can do, anywhere, anytime, which no real start up coasts – just a willingness to be flexible. Ueno Park in Tokyo is not only well known thanks to the blooms of spring, but also as a top-knotch location for parkour and free running.

 With open spaces and interesting architectural areas that re the perfect set up for parkour, the park is huge and has an interesting history that you can learn while there. With staircases, rocks, trees and walls to use while practicing, Ueno Park is a most-stop on your world travels. 


These locations offer the perfect introduction to their more dangerous counterparts, but that’s not to say they are not exciting on their own. Offering unique experiences, oftentimes experienced skydivers, skiers and scuba divers visit these locations not only to test and sharpen their skills, but to expand their experiences and try new things. 

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