The X Games: Get Ready for the Best of the Best

The X Games are one of the biggest extreme sport competitions in the world. Known for a showdown of international athletes in sports like BMX, Skateboarding, Moto X and so many more, the X Games are where it’s at.

The X Games

Clear your schedule from July  20-24th, make a run to the store for your favorite snacks, call a few friends (if socializing is your thing) and get together a watch party, because your time has come: The Summer X Games are almost here, and it’s set to be one of the best yet. If you are an extreme sport’s fan (and chances are, if you are reading this post, you most certainly are!) this is one of the most exciting weekends of the year. 


The X Games Will Be Running At Several Different Locations

Top athletes from around the world will descend into southern California for the second year in a row for the biggest extreme-sports-only event that propelled some of the biggest athletes careers. Hosted by sport’s cable company, ESPN, the X Games will be running at several different locations, including two venues used in 2021. 

One venue is the CA Training Facility, a high-performance skateboarding training center in Vista, CA. The other is non-other than the superstar X Games Moto X medalist, Axell Hodges, own private “Slayground”. Not only does the X Games showcase the best athletes and rising stars, but it boats incredible venues that seem like they’d only exist in your dreams. For the chosen athletes, those dreams are reality. 

Another exciting addition to the 2022 X Games is the two new disciplines included, one in skateboarding and one in BMX. Where are these two disciplines being held? Non-other than 13-time X Games medalist Elliot Sloan’s “MegaPark”. The park is perfection, with everything a pro rider needs, including one of the few mini megaramps in existence, a 100-foot vertical ramp, and so much more.


A Different Kind Of X Games

What better place to host the world’s best extreme sports’ athletes than at the home of one of the world’s best? And that’s no exaggeration. The “Megapark” is heaven to skaters, with all the amenities and training facilities needed to host the “Olympics of extreme sports.” Over the years, different training materials were added to the park, such as a return and quarterpipe in March 2020. In total, skaters will have four total trick attempts during their competition, minus the big air contest that was a fan favorite. With the inclusion of the Megapark, the event organizers say that it will be a mash-up of “all the elements skaters and viewers alike love about big air and vert.”


Check out the promo for the Summer X Games: 

Which leads up to the more disappointing news…viewing through your TV, phone, or laptop is the only way to watch this year, as the event will be spectator-free. The 2020 edition of the X Games—canceled due to COVID-19, the following year—held without spectators, and this year will be following the same path. 

The goal is to eventually move back to welcoming the public to the X Games at one centralized location. There were some doubts that the ratings and views would be able to make up for the lack of in person attendance. Instead of the viewership holding steadily, there was a sharp 34% increase in viewership in 2021 from 2019.


Who’s Coming to the X Games? 

The who’s who of the extreme sports world will be descending upon Southern CA in less than two weeks, so let’s take a look at some of the top names that will be looking to make history. These international athletes at the top of their game, and are formally invited by the X Games’ committee to attend this prestigious event. 

For Moto X, Tom Parsons, USA (and who just recently won at the X Games Chiba 2022) will be competing, as well as Geoff Aaron, Destry Abbott, Cooper Abbott, R Addison, Nate Adams and many more. 

For BMX, names like Kyle Baldock, Simone Barraco, Jamie Bestwick, Nick Bruce, Corey Bohan and many more will be competing for the coveted podium finishes, prizes, and metals.

Just like the sports mentioned above, when it comes to Skateboarding, all the heavy hitters are coming out in full swing. From well established pros to up-and-coming stars of the skateboarding world, international names like Vincent Alvarez, Youness Amrani, Madars Apse, Tom Asta, Marcelo Bastos, Pedro Barros, Jordyn Barratt, Evelien Bouilliart, Jake Brown, and so many others. 

Ready to get comfy and tune into the best of extreme sports? There will be more than 15 hours of live coverage spread out over four days of the X Games. You can catch it ESPN, ABC, ESPN2, ESPN+ and the ESPN App. 

Plus, all competitions will stream live on ESPN+ and be available on @XGames YouTube to rewatch, so even if you can’t make it all live, you’ll be able to catch all the action at your own pace. 


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