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This Wingsuit Flyer Will Make You Pee Yourself | Scotty Bob Pres


There are certain key characters in the history of aviation: Leonardo Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, and of course, Scotty Bob. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Scotty Bob?Scotty Bob Morgan (or ‘Robert’ as it says on his birth certificate) is a wingsuit flyer who has made a name for himself as a proximity flyer, that is, someone who gets as close as possible to the ground, trees, cliffs, other wingsuit flyers, and/or various other things that might kill him if he hits them while flying. The following is a selection of his flights from around the United States over the last year. If you put the video in full screen, you can actually feel your fingers scraping the cliff-side and the tops of the trees.  Director: Scotty BobProducer: Scotty BobAthletes: Scotty Bob, James Yaru, Hartman Rector, Will Kitto, David Covel, Ian Mitchard, Jordan Kilgore, Pat Walker, Jeff Shapiro, Sean LearySports: BASE Jumping, Wingsuit FlyingThis Wingsuit Flyer Will Make You Pee Yourself | Scotty Bob Presents: New World Aviators, Ep. 1————————-EpicTV produces hundreds of EpicTV original extreme sports series, with new video releases every day. Visit now to be the first to see the latest episodes. Get the latest extreme sports videos on the EpicTV Facebook page us on Twitter what we’re up to on [email protected] an eye on us on Google+ best of all – check out our website!

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