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Unbelievable Jaw Dropping Snowboarding Tricks

Be inspired by these insane snowboarding tricks by pros from around the world.


Are you ready to be BLOWN AWAY?

These snowboarders are about to take you for a ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been snowboarding for years now, or if you’ve never picked up a board in your life—there’s always something new to learn. And we think the best way to do that is by watching incredible professionals doing their thing.

So sit back and enjoy the show! We’ll be introducing you to ten of the most jaw-dropping snowboarding tricks of all time, and we just know that not only will these leave your mouth wide open, but they’ll also have you itching to get out there and try them for yourself!


  1. Double Front Flip

The double front flip is a common move for snowboarders, but it’s one that’s easy to get wrong. The trick is to stay balanced and in control while flipping forward twice…in the air.

Want to see how it’s done? Check out the video below!




  1. Backside 1800 Quadruple Cork

British snowboarder Billy Morgan became the first snowboarder to land a quadruple invert. What exactly is this trick? Let’s see: You start with flipping on a longitudinal axis, but on a vertical one as well. This means that the rotation is corked, as it’s twisting on two axis a little like a corkscrew. A little confusing? Watch below to see it in action:





  1. Half-Cab Quadruple Backflip

Cab 1440 triple cork—a trick that requires the rider to spin four full rotations while simultaneously inverting three times.

Know as one of the most difficult trick in snowboarding – its been made famous by Maxence Parrot. Using a plateau on the run to launch himself into the air and do four backflips,  then land on the downside of the plateau. Rumors say that Max performed this trick to throw down the gauntlet after Billy Morgan performed his Quad Cork 1800, which we just covered above.




  1. The Double McTwist 1260


Shaun White is a professional snowboarder who’s known for his ability to do some pretty killer tricks. But one move has become synonymous with the American superstar: the Double McTwist 1260. The move combines three-and-a-half twists and two flips in one piece of air all with a snowboard strapped to his feet, and he first competed it at the Olympic Winter Games during his victory lap at Vancouver 2010.

How could anyone resist trying it out?


  1. Misty Flip

Holy cow, this guy makes it look easy!


Ali G doing his thing since 93. This was the first misty flip on Moonchild Malibu powderboard #snowboardingculture #snowboardinglegend #snowboardlegend #aligoulet #alig #snowboarder snowboarding #powderboard #snowboardshape #moonchildsnowboards

♬ Float On – Modest Mouse


To complete a Misty Flip, a person must fling their shoulder down to their left or right side, starting a spin as their head and torso flip to an upside-down posture. Depending on the amount of spin, the individual lands backward or forwards.

When executed on a straight jump in snowboarding, the move produces a spin similar to that of a McTwist, which is often accomplished in halfpipes and quarterpipes. However, because the Misty Flip is executed on a straight jump, it differs from a McTwist in that the rider lands backward after the 540 turn.


  1. Backside Rodeo Gap-to-Rail

If you haven’t heard of the backside rodeo gap-to-rail, you must be new to snowboarding. This is one of those classic moves that everyone knows about, and it has been around for a long time.


In the backside rodeo gap-to-rail, you start by jumping over a rail on the wall using your back foot. Next, you turn in midair and land on the rail with that same foot. Then you slide down the rail and jump off at the end. It’s super fun and looks cool, too!

The only problem is that this move is really hard to do well. You need to be in great shape to pull it off without hurting yourself. But if your body is up for it, then go ahead and give it a shot! The trick takes practice—so don’t expect success right away—but once mastered it will become one of your favorite tricks ever!

Flipping over a bridge, straight into a rail, and halting just short of smashing into the wide side of a building? Yes, as difficult as that seems in theory, we’re willing to bet that it’s far more difficult in practice. That’s why we’re so taken with what Frank Bourgeois did at the 1:22 minute of this video during the 2017 X Games Real Snow video contest.

Ready to go?

Snowboarders are incredible athletes and their tricks are mind-blowing, aren’t they? Inspired yet? The best time is now, so go get it!

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