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Vault of Chaos Welcomes Ronnie Faisst!

Crusty Demons Talk Show Podcast


No, you could talk if you want. Whatever you want to do. This is your show, guys. We do whatever the fuck we want.

Does this come out on the show? Yeah, we are recording right now. And we are live right now. Jen, I am up to tour weight, man. I just check my suitcase for three X.

I need four X. Better slow down, bud. I’ve been jogging in place. I’ve been off for sauce. I’ve been doing what I can.

My girl’s got a treadmill over here. Bob, I could do a show from the treadmill if you want. A treadmill would be good for you. Oh, my God. Yeah.

With paraphernalia as you’re jogging with donuts hanging. What that? All right, guys. So you guys are ready to rock and roll? We got the little opener.

Yeah, exactly. We got to play the opener. Here we go. All right. Give me a hype.

On behalf of Dana and Baba here, we’d like to welcome a special guest, Mr. Ronnie. And we made him into Ronnie Kung Fu Feist. Ronnie Feist. What up?

Welcome, my friend. Yeah, man. So to be here when did we meet you? Like, 25 years ago? Yeah.

1997, when I rolled out South Jersey. Wow. Not the year that you went on the COVID No, that was 2000, so it took me a couple of days. This is Crusty 2000? Yeah.

See, me and Dana are getting a little older. We forget that’s. All right.

I’m never forgetting the first year.

You guys were premiering second crusty. At the premiere. There was a premiere and I moved to Cali. That big premiere went was the second Crusty. And then for Crusty Three is when I hooked up with you guys and I filmed all and then I was in the first one I was in was in Crusty Three.

So I missed the first two, but I was able to be there for the premiere of the second one. Well, when you came into town fights, you kind of landed right into Flesh Gear pretty quick, didn’t you? No, dude. Yeah, I hit it. Perfect timing.

People are always like, from back home, like, dude, how did you pull it off? And I’m like, it was really timing. I happened to move to New Jersey right at the premiere of the second Crusty and hooked up with you guys right off the bat from, like, no one mets and Deegan from the race world. And you guys put me on Flesh Gear right off the bat, hooked me up with black flies, and that basically because I was riding for you guys. I got invited on all the trips.

Basically every time you guys are going somewhere, you’re like, twice you want to go here? And I was like, Hell, yeah, let’s go. I appreciate I look back now and I don’t even know if I’ve ever thanked you both at the same time, but I appreciate everything you guys did for me because you guys were one of the first people to put me on the map. And I get it. It was the beginning of the sport, but that was the beginning of my whole career, and you guys are the first ones to back me, so appreciate it, man.

I don’t forget the roots of where everything started. They much appreciate if I start going through with flush gear. It’s like going on the trips with you. It was awesome for me because I got to be able to shoot all the photos and dual purpose and clothing brands still kind of go in a little bit. Dude, I’ll rock it out here in the Midwest.

Give me your address. I’ll shoot you whatever you want around here, dude. Yeah. Hart was on the team with me. So was me and Hart were always on the film truck together.

It always seemed like it was me, Seth, and Hart and then maybe who else made it, but it was like the three of us were almost together every single time because me and Hart wrote for Flesh Gear. And obviously there all those original trips were like it was always pretty much the four of us, huh? Pretty much. There they go. That’s true, man.

That’s true. Like, dude, all the Australian trips, me heart setting bub, the New Zealand trip. I’ll never forget bubble bunge jumping before all of us.

We were all here to I remember Bubbles. Then don’t dip me in the water. Well, of course. Yeah. They have to figure that shit out, man.

No more of those for me, man. That’s too scary. That was a big dog. That was my first bungee. That was fun.

Alpha was like a platform over a lake or a river, and it was warm water and they dunked us all.

We got water with a bridge that had almost like a diving board that stuck out over that river, and you had to walk out, and we all had to come up with, like, our own moves. Your move was like, to come from Feist. My move was hands in the pockets, straight rolling down the windows. I was scared, man. We had that local dude.

You guys remember who the New Zealand local dude was that hooked us? Ricky Rider. Yeah. Frank. No, I forget his name.

He was a was that the sensei guy? That was karate dude. No, we built the jumps on his property.

I talked to him about a year ago. We’re going to go to New Zealand. He’s still around. Wow.

To think about all the different countries and even try to think of the different ones we went to. But I got to say, I think Australia was one of the most ones I’ve ever looked. Or not. Australia. Japan the one I look forward to the most because I went there snowboarding.

And you being my team rider, like, my favorite country I think we went to together. Japan. A maestro behind the curtain. Can we go to Japan? Crusty.

528 minutes in. 28, 22 all right, Maestro will dial that one in. Let’s check it. That’s not quite thanks to Scotty. Thanks to Scotty.

He did send that to me for Japan. Cool, man. Yeah. Let’s roll that bean footage. Let’s check it.

Yeah. We’re in a learning process. Ronnie.

Learning curve. Yeah, we’re learning, but it’s all good, man. We have fun. Japan is probably I know. It has been great just talking.

Japan is a very special place to me.

Every country in the world, honestly. Absolutely cool. To have respect and honor. Yes, everything respect and honor stuff for that guy. Start off with a car crash, and then can you go back to that just a little bit, Maestro?

Just with the Buddha. Yeah.

Was that a poster, too? Yeah, that was a poster.

Like the work.

Yeah, I remember scouting that thing, too, before you guys got there. Scouting that trip. So, Ronnie, tell us what the hell was going on right here. Stop right there. That seems like what?

Statue of Liberty. Heist and it’s the emperor of Japan. Oh, is it an emperor? Okay, it was the emperor. Why the hell did they let us know?

Build a jump in front of the emperor.

We’re losing Ronnie a little bit there. Let’s set Ronnie backup up.

Teaching technical difficulties, maestro. Yes, sir. Yes. Bring in fights, dog. All right, we’ll bring him in.

I’m going to pause this, and we’ll get him on screen here’s. Ronnie. Ronnie, can you hear us? Okay, my back. I can hear you.

We lost your audio, but what you saw there, Ronnie, what was that whole deal? Because I remember that we got permission to get, like, an hour of filming and what, we’re jumping from, like, a parking lot, and we shoveled up a little hill right there just to go in front of the emperor’s statue. But you and Sethrock T shirts, and you had cat like sleeve, all the stuff, and they’re going, oh, man, you’re, too. We can’t piss those guys off. So they said, all right, 15 minutes.

15 minutes to film in front of that, if you remember that. Yeah, I remember it. I do remember that thing was like 200 foot tall Buddha. And I remember when we were ripping around, I remember the one dude saying, hey, don’t go over there. That’s our ground.

And me and full, like, crusty style, we’d always just push up whatever we could to make a hit. And we pushed up that little hit and then just sent it full eagle call status right there, kung fu style, in front of the booth. And that was the poster that he signed up on. Yeah. I’ve never having that poster.

I think big Feist still has that in his garage. He saved a poster that you guys ever made. Yeah. Going back to what you said, Dana, japan was one of my favorite. Like, when you guys invited me to go on that trip, I was super hyped because obviously, growing up, I trained in a Japanese dojo, and I wanted to go to Japan as a kid.

Never had an opportunity to go to Japan because it was a life sometime, like, goal as a kid, just because I just love the whole culture, asian culture, growing up, martial arts. And like you said, Dan, like, dude, everyone’s so respectful. You roll around, people are falling at you and stuff. So it was sick. Yeah.

You know, the doctor well, the first time I ever left the country on a big trip as the professional snowboard was Japan. I went with Sunny Miller. And I remember when you’re a team rider, and we used to talk about the whole Japan thing and everything and going back there with dirt bikes, because I had been there a few times. Snowboarding, to me, it was awesome to me, and to take you and to show you that experience, to me, that’s kind of in reality, from snowboarding to doing these dirt bike movies, that’s why we started doing things from when I used to get sponsored by my clothing sponsors, op and all that, and to share that wealth. To me, that was a success in life, even though we’re just scratching nickels.

But you know what I mean? Like, all good, dude. I would just like to go, dude, it was awesome. Who was the dude? That was our little tour guide is Kitty.

Kitty. We called him Kitty. Kitty. You asked me earlier today. It was the group, the guys from Westwood International, where they own the motorcycle parts and accessories and sold our movie in Japan.

And they also had a warehouse in California, but they were, like, a big distributor in Japan, so they were our hosts, and that’s why they say it’s sponsored us to go on that trip. And we grabbed you, Feist, and we grabbed Seth. Rough minute. Metzger buckled, and we grabbed Trevor vines was on the Japan trip member, and Dana peppered him with the freaking pellet guns. He still has guests from that tour.

I got into film myself. The guy called me Mike Russell. So what do you want me to do? Dana shot him in the shower. But then we learned that Vines was a wrestler.

We beehive let the viewers know when we would buy these little replica machine guns, MP5 s and stuff, and you could run around the streets and have airsoft wars. Well, we didn’t know that over here in America. So when we got over there, we got excited. We bought Feist Dog. We went to the gun shop.

You remember, though?

I remember because if you peeked out of your hotel and Dana was anywhere in Rains, he was firing them off at you. Well, he bought a machine gun. You guys bought, like, the pea shoes.

You had to be on guard and just hooking over your shoulder to make sure DDOG wasn’t set. Not snipering on you. And the rules.

That was the rules. People going down the road and stuff. They didn’t know what was going on. Yeah, we used to shoot each other in the glasses and shoot each other in the lens like a game. I would assume they outload those guns in Japan by now.

They’re still there. They probably make better, but yeah, we were very smart, were we?

Hooked us up with the bike out in front of the temple. We had, like, a little dojo sparring session. You remember that? Yeah, maybe. Keep playing, Maestro.

We got footage with that. You can go forward from Buddha. And then remember we ran off the top of the temple and did the jump kick. And that was also on a poster or it was somewhere. It was either a poster or maybe it was a picture on the back of one of the boxes.

But it was the temple. It is right here.

They were freaking out.

I remember that.

There’s the rice bad. And there it is. Give a little freighter. Yeah.

We could move on to maybe Peru. Peru. Peru was how Gnarly was peru. Remember the mermaid? Remember the mermaid six.

Yeah. Go to Crusty Six at 30 minutes 38. Maestro, remember when I crashed down the downhill? It’s coming up, my friend.

That was a nice early one. And you have helmet cam on. Dude, I have that helmet still. I mean, obviously it’s packed away in storage right now, but it it was I still have that helmet. That helmet was the first time I wore it on that trip, and I destroyed it on that downhill crash.

Yeah, it’s wrecked. I hit a rock on the way down, dude, and it swapped me. Oh, look, there you are, bub. It’s right after you. All right.

This is what you want right here, john, this is what you want. Yeah, that’s good. We can start here. All right, that’s the end of a bub spit. It’s a crazy trip.

We took Feist and Larry linkhogel tips.

All right, let her play it, man. It’s good.

Yeah, that was gnarly.

There was a lot of dead people at like, two in the morning.

Remember our guy that stole the bone? There you go. Right across their president’s thing. That’s row dropping in. Yeah, peru was sick, dude.

That little burial ground we went to? Yeah. And remember those weird little things out in the desert? They were set up like this it’s the NASCO line. Yeah.

Like a bird and it’s like alien stuff. Yeah. There’s that burial ground. Here you go. Lope dog in it.

That was gnarly. And then remember this? This was rad. Yeah. Above that big picture.

There’s that Gnarly thing in here. I think maybe the crash could be coming up. I remember. There it is right there. I got the flower shot.

Yeah. I come down that hill and there was a rock sticking out of the sand and I couldn’t move in time. Dude, what was the cool thing about that dirt there? It was almost like pumice, like mammoth. Yeah, you can almost snowboard down it on a motorcycle.

Sand dune. It had some rock in that’s. A full sand dune right there. Yeah. Remember, you can’t go swimming in that lake or the mermaid is going to eat you.

Yeah, I would like to go back there. We can go in the water too, if we go back. Sending it right there. Yeah, right. That was a cool trip, too.

You don’t have a surprise about Peru, is how good the food was. Like all the fish we had there, remember? Oh, my God. We had garlic fish like every night. So good.

There you go. I’d like to go back and eat the fish because back then all I was potato chips and fries.

There it is. Look at our bikes. Look at our bikes. Okay. Here you go.

Those things are crazy shit. Yeah, they explain how they got there. Yeah, there’s an astronaut in there. There’s a spider. Whole thing.

The eagle or something. Look at Lane. You guys are messing with the local talent, but they’re stoked in cusco. You remember when we tried to film that and we showed up in like four in the morning and there’s a million people out there playing soccer and they have the big guns and they threw rocks at you guys. Did they do?

Yeah, I remember those little ladies. And then I took Link up here to Machu Picchu. I remember Left and me and Link got arrested up there. Did you? Yeah, we tried to bring the dirt.

World not dried, we did. Conquered. Oh, man. I remember Link kept wanting to go to the burial grounds every night at like three in the morning. He’d be like, Yo, flies, let’s go check out the burial ground.

And we did morning in taxis. Like, why? What was the point of that? I have no idea. Link had never sleep.

Dude, there he is. Hey, Link’s. Bitch house flew out and didn’t go to Easter Island because of the dangy mosquito. He got scared of the mosquito and split. I had to go without him.

I might never let him live that one down. That’s still funny.

There’s a pond with the mermaid. Yeah, the mermaid that’s going to eat you. That’s a pretty cool place, dude. I brought her out. There masks from this country.

Remember there was, like, dead cows and all kinds of weird voodoo stuff. I had all these crazy masks I remember I brought home. Yeah, look at these dudes. They’re, like, dressed up like crazy looking. Yeah, pretty cool.

I started doing that on all the trips we went to. I’d buy a mask and bring it home. And I had a whole wall in my house of all these different masks that from different countries. We went to Japanese style style. Australian style.

Yeah. That’s awesome. I think Japan would be the one. I’d love to take my lady back to you and go hang out. That’s an experience.

Yeah. You need to go link up with Taco while you’re over there. Oh, yeah, dude. I went back with him to meet his family when he lived with me. It was fun.

It was the second time I got to go there. But you guys know how it is. Whenever you got the tour guide, it’s a million times better. You got the local who knows all the spots. Oh, yeah.

And when you do, it like family style, they’re very famous. Right? It was sweet. Yeah, you’re totally right with that vice. If you have somebody that you go over there and they take you.

Like, when we took you, we had our distributor that brought us. Exactly. And they brought us to the cliffs of the beach, and we rode there. You and Seth row. And it’s funny, you don’t even remember Vines being there with us and then brought us to the Emperors and all that kind of stuff.

I feel like you guys are always good at that. Every trip I went on, every country we went to, you always already had it lined up. So when we got there, we always five star hotel, just chill and staying in a nice spot. But we had, like the local tour guy hooked us up with bikes and then kind of was kind of like taking us around all the spots.

It’s the only way to do it. When you’re in a foreign country, you got to have the locals. It helps. All right if we come in and just buy guns and shoot everybody?

What about off pellet guns for the audience? We got the 360 shot of X Games. We pushed the photographer out of the way. That was one of my favorite shots ever. Oh, yeah.

I can bring us to that. Yeah.

Go. Crusty 13 in at 1232. Is this the cameraman year? I think this is cameraman, yeah. You can tell some story after we watch it.

All right.

That’s funny. Usually Bob gets in my way. What do you mean?

Only in the food line. All right, let’s do it, little Potter. Yeah, that Potter trick. I think this might be best whip or something. What is this?

Who is that? Let me see.

That’s Potter. But that’s Potter. We might be in the wrong spot. Wrong spot. Are you on crusty 13, maestro?

Yes, sir. Crusty 13. Unleash hell. That’s what I have. Crusty 13.

Okay. At 1232, my friend. Yes. According to my timer, we’re at now 1238. So help guide me.

Right or left? Way faster. Keep going. We got a digs there’s. Adams.

Yeah. You got Adams. Yeah. Your boy with the fire Stingler. You’re at micro.

Where are you at? I’m at 542 right now. 542? No, that’s where I was at, 1242, and that’s why I showed you in the beginning. Here, 1232 is right here.

There you go. Almost. So keep going forward, Thorndog. There it is right there. Here we go, Ronnie.

Here we go. Running right here. Here we go.

You got to go a little bit slow right now. Okay? I got to go slow right now. So, Ronnie, what are you doing? Right.

You tried to do the 360 there. Dirt sample. So this is 2007. 2006. I tried it for the first year, and I landed backwards, and I pressured my wrist.

And then 2007, I came back, and I did my entire run. But that first run is when I hit the cameraman. And then this was the last jump of that run, and I kind of under rotate it. Didn’t even get it. I didn’t get the bike to stand up, and I just got, like I kind of rang my bell, but I didn’t get knocked fully out.

But I definitely hit my head pretty good. And I remember they brought me back in the medics and checked me out, and then they said, hey, do you want to go do another run? My stroke just back a couple of frames there. Yeah. See how the bike didn’t stand up right here?

Yeah, it, like, under rotated. But anyway, I hit that cameraman, and because the cameraman X game said that was interference with my run, and they said, we’ll give you another run. So I basically had dude, I was tripping, too, because I just ragged out on that 360, and I’m like, right here. You nailed the guy, but it’s just behind. If Micro can go just back just a little, you hit the guy.

Straighten the lens. So I did watch the back end of the tire. Boom. Bound there. He freeze frame.

Got him. I did a naturally put you back on course. Yeah, he did. Straighten the bike. I made you perfect.

And it was funny because I landed, and I thought, Damn, that felt weird. I didn’t even realize I hit him. I felt something hit my bike, but I didn’t realize it was a camera. I had no clue. Kept it going, finished the run and then crashed at 360.

And then that’s when they brought me back. And we’re like, hey, you had interference in your run. You want to take a second run? And I had to basically. So this bike was trashed.

I had to get my practice bike out of the truck, come back out and do a whole another run and then try to 60 again. And I crashed that one again, and that one I broke my foot on. And then I had to wait a whole another year and came back in 2008. And then I finally ended it in 2008. So you thought you were on a skateboard and you can land faky.

Yeah, the first one definitely didn’t even get close. But dude, that guy’s, man, he nailed that dude.

I ended up coming friends of this dude. His name was yeah, he was like one of the filmers on one of the tours I did. I think it was the nuclear tour. And he came up to me one day and he’s like, hey, I used to film at X Games. He’s like, you knocked me out that year.

I’m like what? Big Ron, dude, he was cool as hell. Nice. Well, as we do it at Flesh Wound Films, we always get the shot, right, Ronnie? Yeah, it’s just a flesh wound, right?

He’s just ragged on the bub, your buddy. Yeah, he nailed him. Big ron, dude. Big Ron. But, dude, that was a year at X Games.

Let’s go to Maestro if we can go to Crusty 1111. Yeah, let’s go to Inn at 31 59. And this might be a good one to leave for an ending for us. This is kind of Lifestyle of Ronnie PISCE in one of our Best of Chaotic chronicles. Nice.


Check that thing out. All right, here we go, Jense. Yeah. Go for it, Matt. He looks all young.

We’ll go to 31 59. All right. Right after this, people in trouble with myself.

Oh, here it is. Nate. Oh, yeah. The whole takedown, dude, the whole team jumped them there’s. The spray team.

Blasted him of his initiation. Yeah, his first year on tour with us. It’s too funny. Oh, I remember the lifestyle. It shows such a crazy way of life.

I think everybody wants to have that edge.

Happy guy there’s Pops. Big fight across video pin at the Cali. Moving them with degan. So many memories living in the house that I got.

There you go. The General.

Remember the first time you guys came down to Huntington? My throw. We can cut it right there. We had some good times down there in Huntington. Some late nights, huh?

Yeah. You guys came in some of the early demian parties and Halloween parties and all that stuff. We hit it. Perfect time. Ginger, think we lost you for a minute.

My back. Yeah, I think you’re back. Here we are. All right.

Those are some memories, my friend. Yeah. Good times. Like I said, I can’t thank you guys enough for putting me under the wing and invite me on all those trips, put me on the team and pretty much birthed my career. Pretty much.

I mean, it all started right at that time, so super stoked and dude went went for like 20 years strong. And now I’m out here in the Midwest holding it down. All right, you want to plug what you’re doing right now and plug what you got going.

And we’re in the process of building, so we just bought 20 acres. We’re building a shop, building a house on. I’m going to build it. I’m going to be able to do coaching and private Levins probably do some small group stuff, but that’s it. Mainly coaching and FCA.

It’s fellowship Christian athletes and they do motocross camps as well during the summer. So with those guys, do a Oklahoma camp last year, did a camp out in New York. And that’s just merging the two things together, moto and ministry. But that’s really it, man. So if you’re in the Midwest area, I’m a certified coach with the Coaching Association and come check us out.

Our facility is obviously in the making, but it’ll be legit and probably going to set up a freestyle ramp out there just for the heck of it.

I can just have some fun and hit some ramps. Again.

Pretty much my way to get back to the sport. Like, everything that I have has come from freestyle motocross, and it’s just a way for me to share what I’ve learned through the years with not just younger riders I coach. I got full on 55 year old riders that come out to my classes, vet riders, everything in between. So just a way to get back to the industry. And it doesn’t feel like work.

It’s what I love and I’m passionate about it. So I enjoy being out there coaching. You’re like a sensei now. Yeah.

Honestly, for me, being a professional or ex snowboarder, the whole crusty thing and flesh gear was all about giving back to the sport. How you say that, it’s like it’s heartwarming. You know what I mean? I feel like that’s kind of how the cycle works. Like, you’re a professional for so long and then it’s kind of like in martial arts, you start off as a white belt and you train until you hit black, but by the time you get to a black belt, you’re expected to train everyone under you.

Like, it’s a teacher requirements. Yeah, it’s part of the requirements to get your black belt is to coach or to teach in the dojo so. Same thing you teach as a martial artist and the same thing in moto. You have a professional. Career and then it comes to a time when your time is up, but it’s like you have all these people who want to learn coming up and it’s like, if you can just help a few of them out, it’s your passion, it’s what you love.

And I still feel like I’m on my dare pipe.

Like I said, don’t be, like, working too much fun to be out there. Do you have a website or anything people could go find you on? perfect. Yeah. Next time, we got to all link up.

I still got a bike. We got a friend. Yeah, let’s do it.

John o emsley. He’s been part of our crew for a long time. Ronnie, you are a legend. Cheers. Me back here.

Ron, are we going to sign off? There’s a few more shoutouts here, Dana, if you don’t mind, just for a couple more seconds. Sandra says good days from Perth, Western Australia. And then this is once again, that’s Johnny demons for life. One of our best friends.

Love guys from John Osten. All the fans. Homies. Yes, sir. We’re trying to feed this thing out a little bit.

We’re working on it. Oh, yeah, here we go. Eric Davis says, what up, big bro? Ronnie, eric D. He’s local, he lives out here.

I’ll talk to him in about a minute.

Should we sign off for now and play the little short video? Yeah. Thanks, Ronnie. Much love. Thank you.

Yeah, we’ll do number two next time. A lot more stuff. Anytime.

Yes, sir.

Good job. Thanks, guys. Cheers. All right, bye.


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