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What Extreme Activities Can You Do in Morocco?

Extreme sports in Morocco? That may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if you are a globe-trotting adventurer, you would be missing out if Morocco was off your list.


Paragliding over the Kik plateau from Marrakech, Morocco


Paragliding is open of the most exciting ways to experience the world around you and gain a new perspective not just on the world, but on life itself. Nearly everyone who goes on their first paraglide adventure remarks how their perspective has shifted, while others use this as their first time jumping into the world of extreme sports and end up becoming a professional extreme sport’s athlete. Others are experienced in paragliding, and find this location to be one of the best in the world for the views and sensations of the flight.

Regardless your reasons, you’ll be sure to get an adventure with an amazing view of the over the Kik Plateau in Aguerdour, while discovering breathtaking views of the famous Atlas Mountains.

While many people pick a day full of hiking in the Kik Plateau in the High Atlas, You’ll be getting on a once-in-a-lifetime trip high in the skies with a tandem paraglide. The Kik Plateau has unique limestone topography, beautiful rivers and wild vegetation. 


Quad biking trip in the desert of the Palmeraie Desert


Outside the busy city of Marrakech, you’ll be having an adrenaline fueled adventure while going on an all-terrain quad bike adventure in the desert of the Palmeraie of Marrakech. Either alone with a guide or with friends, you’ll be having an exotic trip of a lifetime, and be exploring the steep desert, Berber villages, arid palm groves in a top of the line 300hp KYMCO MXU quad bike that has been customized to the journey you’ll be having in desert landscapes.

You’ll also be seeing epic views of the Atlas Mountains on your quad bike experience, and will be having traditional Moroccan tea and dining experiences in the desert to heighten the experience. 


Mountain biking trip in the Atlas mountains, near Marrakech

If you’ve noticed, the Atlas Mountains are a huge part of the extreme sports and activities scene here in Morocco. Mountain Bike Morocco offers an extreme mountain biking challenge into the Atlas Mountains. 

This travel company offers several locations throughout Morocco, but the Atlas Mountains is one of the most exciting, challenging and beautiful locations for your extreme sports adventures. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the Berber Valley traditions, culture and lifestyle!

What types of terrain will you be riding on? You’ll be in the mountains, and traveling the wonderful landscape on mule paths, jeep tracks, and single tracks, starting from the ancient city Marrakech into the even older mountains.  This mountain biking trips don’t just take you deep into the extreme and beautiful natural world where few mountain bikers ever get to ride, but also immerse you in the Moroccan culture. 

So experience a quad ride, where you will evolve in a superb setting, conducive to strong sensations!


Kitesurfing courses in Essaouira Bay

Thought all the action happened in the Atlas Mountains? Think again. Taking a break from the mountains will lead you to the scenic beaches and coasts of Morocco, where you can experience several other extreme sports – namely Kitesurfing and windsurfing.  


If you are well versed kitesurfer or never even seen a kiteboard before, there is something for everyone in Essaouira, Morocco. Offering personalized courses, accommodation and equipment rentals, this area is known world-wide for its passion of water sports. 

Essaouira Kite Paradise is the main kiteboarding school in the area, with certified instructors teaching all levels of kiteboarders the ins and outs of the sport, teaching their methodology designed to “maximize progression and fun and give you the best experience.”

The city itself is known as”the city of the trade winds”, and is a piece of paradise on the Atlantic coast that is known for its favorable winds at anytime of the year. Since it offers all kinds of winds, it works perfectly for both beginners and advanced kitesurfing enthusiasts.


Surfing in Devil’s Rock 

If there is one thing that Tamraght is known for, it’s the beautiful sandy beaches and perfect waves for surfing beginners of all levels. If you want to learn how to surf or to improve your surfing technique, this stunning location is dedicated to take your breath away with all the best surfing spots – a surfer’s dream.

With surfing schools and board rental areas, you’ll become a skilled surfer working with instructors who live and breathe the sport. The weather is near perfect all year-round, with wintertime being the bast season. 

Ready for a world-class adventure in Morocco? We certainty are. From kitesurfing to paragliding and mountain biking and surfing, there is something for everyone in the rich culture of Morocco. What adventures will you experience first

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