Why Alain Robert is the best Urban Climber ? | climbing the tall


This is a detailed video on Alain Robert Urban climbing career and his incredible achievements.Alain Robert is a 58 old year Urban Climber also known as the French Spiderman.he has climbed more than 150 skyscrapers and structures around the world including Burj khalifa.he has been climbing mountains, skyscrapers and historic monuments for the last 45 years.if you have any of the following questions watch the full video to get the answers:how Alain Robert started climbing ?who is Alain Robert’s inspiration ?how many buildings Alain Robert has climbed ?Alain Robert’s age ?Alain robert injuries is Alain Robert the real life Spiderman ?This video also features some of his notable climbs •Jin Mao tower•Taipei 101•Agbar Tower•ADIA Tower•Burj Khalifa Music by homage beatstrack: hard spacey ambient 808 booming trap be at hip hop

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KDLT-TV 1999ft tower being climbed