World's Hardest Flash – Adam Ondra Climbs 5.15 (9a+) First T


“Flashing” a climb means doing it bottom to top, with no falls, on your first try.  Adam Ondra, the best sport climber in the world, set himself an impossible-seeming goal of becoming the first person to flash a route rated 9a+ (5.15a). There were only a few climbs of the grade on the planet that he hadn’t yet done or tried. He strategized for years, failed on several of them, and then in 2018 he finally succeeded, sending Alex Megos’ route Supercrackinette, in St Leger, France. Luckily our team was there to capture this rare moment. The full documentary, “Age of Ondra,” about Adam’s climbing career and his epic mission to flash 9a+, is featured in Reel Rock 13. Check it out here:…Be sure to subscribe to Adam’s Youtube Channel, @Adam Ondra for more great videos from his continuing adventures.

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